Pool / 8 Ball Pool FAQs

You can play online pool on your mobile by downloading the A23 Games app. Once the file has been downloaded, you can enter the app and choose Pool from other games on the platform.

Practice makes perfect. Similar to real-world pool tables here also, you will have to practice your skills. Learn to take shots at an angle by bouncing your balls with the side walls into the pockets. As your skill levels increase and your confidence, you can start entering real money games of higher value. Beat your opponents and bag the winnings.

You must aim your pool cue, drag, and release the power with your finger. The longer you pull, the more power is generated. The game involves a head-to-head contest where the objective is to pocket the required ball.

The first player to pocket the 8 Ball after pocketing all the allocated balls (Solid/ stripes) is declared the winner. In each turn, the first contact made by the cue ball should be the variant of assigned balls (Solids/ stripes)

The player gets 30 seconds to return to the game and take a strike.

The player will be given 3 rounds of 30 seconds each, which, if skipped, the opponent is declared the winner.

The players need to pot the 8-ball at the end of the game only after potting all the allocated balls.

The player has to choose a pocket to pot the 8-Ball. The opponent is declared the winner if the 8-ball gets pocketed in any other pocket.