Fantasy / How to Play Fantasy Sports

Getting Started

Pick a Match

A huge list of fixtures is updated in the game lobby. You can pick a sport & then pick a fixture you want to join.

How to Play Fantasy Sports

Select a contest

Join a contest to win real cash. Click on the fixture & select a contest from the many listed out.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket

Create your team

This is where your expertise chips in. Use the allotted credits to choose your best players.

How to Play Fantasy Football

Track your fantasy score

Check how your chosen players are performing and track your fantasy score. The scores are updated instantaneously.

How to Play Fantasy Volleyball

Withdraw your winnings

Final score, rank & winnings will be updated after the game is completed. If your final score yields you cash, the winnings will reflect in your wallet. You can withdraw this amount.

Creating a Team

To pick your team in Fantasy follow these steps

Step 1: Select a Fixture

Pick a fixture from the list of upcoming fixtures, select a contest you want to join & click on "Create Team". Choose your team using the allotted credits. Your knowledge about cricket will help you pick the right combinations.

Keep in mind that every sport has a certain team format and the minimum and maximum of a certain type of player will vary from sport to sport.

For example in cricket, the team must consist of a wicketkeeper, an all-rounder, batsmen and bowlers. This range of min-max is visible on the screen while you're picking your players.

Step 2: Choosing your captain & vice-captain

From the players you choose, pick a captain & a vice-captain.

Captain will earn you 2X the points scored by that player & the vice-captain will earn you 1.5X points scored by your chosen player.

How to Play Fantasy Kabaddi

Managing a Team

The deadline is the match-start time. The timer goes 0 before the match starts. Your captain, vice-captain & player combinations can be changed before the deadline.

Make sure you stay updated with the latest news, changes & about the in-form players. These factors can help you win big in Fantasy.