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About A23 Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports is a form of virtual or online sports, where a user can create a team full of players to play virtual matches or tournaments. The players are selected based on the player's recent performances, the opposition, the playing conditions are a few.

Ever since it's advent in the late 90s that coincided with the internet boom, Fantasy Sports has taken off and is played by millions of people worldwide.

In India, Fantasy Sports has been an absolute revelation. Over 120 million people are a part of this bandwagon and the number is ever-growing.

A23 Fantasy is a virtual platform for users to select players from a fixture (Cricket/Football/Kabaddi/Basketball/Baseball/Volleyball), earn points based on the player's performance in real games, compete against thousands of fantasy sports players and win cash.

It is one of India's finest and the most creative fantasy sports applications. The best part of A23 Fantasy is that the user gets to win big every day by competing against other fantasy sports users. And there's the small case of bragging rights too.

The game interface makes sure that the user has the most amazing gameplay experience. Fantasy football cricket leagues are displayed on A23 Fantasy's game centre. The user has to pick the sport, select the fixture to participate in, choose the cash contest and form a winning team.

Including players who've had a good run of form have to be preferred over personal choices. Creating a team that will earn you points have to be chosen over players who look good on paper. That's how you win contests on A23 Fantasy.

Fantasy Sports on A23 is super safe, secure and legal. A23 Fantasy complies with all central and state legislation in India to make certain that the users are fully protected. Every contest on our platform is carefully designed to comply with applicable statutes and regulations in India. A23 Fantasy is also associated with the Indian Federation of Sports and Gaming (IFSG), India's Leading and only self-regulatory Sports Gaming industry body formed to protect consumer interest and create standardised best practices in the Sports Gaming industry.

You can play free contests and also play cash contests on A23 Fantasy with outright confidence. Fantasy cricket is a skill-based game and isn't considered gambling. It is 100% legal in India. Our payment gateways are completely secure and transactions are carried out smoothly. Want to win cash every day? Download A23 Fantasy now and start playing.

In just a short time period, A23 Fantasy has gained over 7 million fantasy sports enthusiasts. Fantasy Sports has taken the country by storm and A23 Fantasy has played a major role in its growth. And it is really easy to start playing and winning on A23 Fantasy. All you have to do is select a sport, select a fixture, enter a cash contest and start winning. Fixtures are available on A23 Fantasy throughout the year, and users utilise their sports knowledge to win cash. Why wait? Install the A23 Fantasy app now, play fantasy sports, and win big every day

Play Fantasy Sports and Win Cash Daily


Are you a sports fan? Want to use your sporting knowledge to win cash daily? Fantasy sports on A23 Games is the right way to go. For the best fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi, Fantasy Volleyball, fantasy baseball & fantasy basketball experience, we bring to you A23 Fantasy. The most trusted, user-friendly & undoubtedly one of the best fantasy sports portals in the country. You can Play Fantasy Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Baseball & Basketball on A23 Fantasy every day. And it's 100% secure. We adhere to all the gaming rules & we are fully licensed & regulated. Hop on for the best fantasy sports experience. Welcome to A23 Fantasy.


Fantasy Sports was created to give users the freedom to select teams and win based on player performances and contributions in real life sports events. And it caused quite a stir in India because India is a predominantly sports loving country, irrespective of which sport it is. A23 Fantasy is trusted by millions & the users get to compete against the other cricketing fanatics on a single platform. And they get to win big cash at the end of each match. That's a match made in fantasy sports heaven!


A23 Fantasy has garnered Millions of fantasy sports enthusiasts in a very short duration & the numbers are certainly on the rise. Fantasy Sports has taken the nation by a storm & A23 Fantasy has played a massive role in its growth. On A23 Fantasy, all you need to do is pick your sport, select a fixture, join a cash contest & start winning. Fixtures are listed on A23 Fantasy throughout the year & the fantasy sports players use their sporting knowledge to win cash. Now that's one offer you can't refuse. What are you waiting for? Download the application now, play fantasy sports on A23 Fantasy & start winning big every day.


The best fantasy experience is here! Play the very best of what fantasy sports has to offer with the A23 Fantasy app. Only available on A23 Games, the super app for all you super gamers. Play a variety of sports such as cricket, football, basketball, baseball, kabaddi and many more.


Fantasy Cricket is massive in India and A23 Fantasy one of the finest portals for fantasy sports in the country. A23 Fantasy is one of the top fantasy cricket app in India. A23 Fantasy allows you to use your cricketing knowledge, join the various cash contests and win money every day. The interface is extremely user-friendly, with lightning-fast transactions, contests throughout the year and plenty of cash to be won.


Playing Fantasy Football on A23 Fantasy is an exhilarating experience, just like it's real-life counterpart. The thrills, the twists and the dynamic nature of the sport also has a lot to do with it. We have the best football leagues and the best football fixtures lined-up for you at our game centre. World cups, European cups and championships, and other continental championships are the big football events on A23 Fantasy. These tournaments are mostly biennial and will keep you on your toes, but excitement is never far away when it comes to fantasy football, and good game is always rewarded at the end.

You can challenge fantasy football players, create your best team and win cash daily.


On A23 Fantasy, experience Fantasy Basketball at its absolute best. The best players and the best leagues all have a place at A23 Fantasy. Create your best Fantasy Basketball team and start winning.


Kabaddi is a special sport, when it comes to the subcontinent. We are a proud sporting nation, and Kabaddi has always been towards the top of the list of sports Indians enjoy the most. And with our own domestic league now in place, Kabaddi is taking rapid strides and making a name for itself.

On A23 Fantasy, we have the best kabaddi leagues and the best Fantasy Kabaddi fixtures lined-up for you on our game centre.


Hit it out of the park with Fantasy Baseball on A23 Fantasy. Fantasy Baseball is a newer game that's live on the app. Pacey pitches, massive home-run hits, spectacular fielding, fantasy points, big cash prizes and much more. Are you ready to play ball on A23 Fantasy?

Download the A23 Fantasy app now and play fantasy baseball. Follow live matches, find the right contest, select your favourite players and create your best Fantasy Baseball dream team on A23 Fantasy. Play Online Fantasy Baseball games and leagues to win big cash prizes daily on A23 Fantasy.

Volleyball on A23 Fantasy

Play Fantasy Volleyball on A23 and build a team that propels you towards ultimate glory. If you love volleyball, this place is for you! Get started by taking part in any ongoing competitions. Keep track of player performances as you select your squad and wait and see as your team produces the magic on the court. Earn fantasy points based on your performance, and see yourself at the top of the leaderboard!

Download the A23 Games app today and start winning!


On A23 Fantasy, there are cash contests where you have an option of fielding multiple fantasy teams. Here, you can try out different team combinations, which in turn gives you a higher chance of winning huge amounts. The players you chose will earn points based on their real-time performance.

The higher your rank, the more chances you have of winning big money. Your knowledge on that particular sport will be the deciding factor here. Users can also challenge their friends for bragging rights and of course, to win cash. Sign up and play A23 Fantasy today!


On A23 Fantasy, we have international and domestic games (all formats) in our game center. Pick a fixture, select from the numerous cash contests available, create your dream team and start winning. There are cash contests where you can field multiple fantasy teams also. Here, you can try out different team combinations which in turn gives you a higher chance of winning huge amounts. The players you chose will earn points based on their real-time performance. The higher your rank, the more chances you have of winning big money.