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Carrom is an indoor board game that originated in the Indian subcontinent, but is now played worldwide. Similar to the traditional board game, carrom has discs/coins which need to be pocketed in any of the four pockets on the playing board, and a more prominent disc known as the 'striker' which is used to pocket the other coloured discs.

Once considered a leisurely board game, it is now played globally at a competitive level.

The aim of carrom is to pocket all the coloured discs (also known as men) that are on the playing board. It is generally played by 2 or 4 people, where one can face-off against a direct opponent, or team up with another player and play against their opponent team. Each player gets a turn to hit a coloured men with their striker within a stipulated time and in a certain operating area, and the player/team who is able to pocket all the discs the earliest wins the game.

Carrom on A23 Games is super safe, secure & legal. A23 Games ensures to comply with the required rules & regulations in India to make certain that the users are fully protected. You can play free Carrom games on A23 Games with outright confidence. Carrom is a skill-based game & isn't considered gambling. It is 100% legal in India. Our payment gateways are completely secure & transactions are carried out smoothly. Want to win big every day? Download A23 Games now & start playing.

Carrom on A23 is user-friendly in both design and gameplay. The game has been simulated to such an extent that it mirrors real-life gameplay scenarios, and the graphics are enhanced to the point which is as close as it can get to the actual game.

The game mechanics are also designed in a way as to mimic how the game responds to your actions in real life. You are guided at every juncture to smoothen your accuracy and aim while striking. The responsiveness and instant feedback has also been enhanced to help you reach your optimum level as a player in real quick time.

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